Church History

The genesis of Agape Christian Fellowship (ACF) began as an inspiration to Dr. Edward L. Haygood while he was an administrative pastor at a mega church in California. During a staff meeting in 1980, Dr. Haygood was impressed by God to resign his lifetime position after ten years of service. Greatly concerned yet curious about taking on such a venture, he followed God’s command and resigned. Six weeks later he rented a meeting room at the Hacienda Hotel in El Segundo, California to hold Sunday service for all those who desired to come. Unsure if any would attend, that Sunday a shocking number of approximately 400 people were present for the preaching of God’s Word.
Dr. Haygood also began to host Friday night bible studies at a local church in the city of Gardena, California. During one of the sessions, members began to discuss the idea of establishing a church with Dr. Haygood as the senior pastor. Before long a unanimous agreement was confirmed in favor of forming a church. Sensing God’s call, Dr. Haygood and a newly appointed board of directors set things in order and established Agape Christian Fellowship.
In 1986, Dr. Haygood purchased the present day location of ACF. The name Agape Christian Fellowship evolved from the Greek root word Agapao meaning God’s sacrificial love. ACF is designed to inspire all who enter the doors to learn, experience, and model one’s life based on the supreme, unconditional love of God Almighty (El Shaddai) Himself.
Agape’s vision is to progressively enlarge the spiritual and mental capabilities of members and others who participate in the ministry on a regular basis and prepare them to present “The Gospel” with high quality, substance, and in-depth spiritual insight.
In light of the vision, our mission is to accomplish the following:
Create – a spiritual and educational environment that will enable all members to be able to provide to anyone a systematic presentation of the reason for the Hope that dwells within them.
Build – each member’s knowledge of the Word and the internal image of Christ to increase their confidence and competence to challenge (in agape love) the misunderstands and untruths that are encountered in any circle within the body of Christ.
Communicate – the multiple truths found in the Gospel through preaching, teaching, dramatics, and singing. These truths may be put forth by various means of communications.
Promote – a standard of Christian living that will serve as witness and memorial to the Lord Jesus Christ and leave a legacy for he children of Agape Christian Fellowship to follow.