Dr. Edward L. Haygood

Dr. Edward L. Haygood is the founder of Agape Christian Fellowship, serving the southern area of Los Angeles, California. He is gifted in expository teaching, focusing on Bible truths and explaining the rich meanings of the Bible’s original Greek and Hebrew words. He likewise ministers as a guest speaker at churches and various ministries throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area, including effective outreaches to foreign students. His ministry has also taken he and his wife, Shirley, overseas to teach in the international regions of London, England, Africa, Australia and France. His literary accomplishments include three books, Why the Tithe?, What Makes Christmas Special, and The Goodness of God. Dr. Haygood’s favorite Bible verse is Hebrews 11:6 – “But without faith it is impossible to please Him.”
Throughout the year, Dr. Edward L. Haygood travels around the country and the world, sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and challenging people to life of excellence. His itinerary includes conventions, men’s fellowship events, bible studies and ministering as a guest speaker at many churches in the United States and abroad. This allows him the opportunity to share the Word of God with pastors, congregations, business leaders and world-leaders in their home environment. With his in-depth understanding of scripture and no nonsense teaching style, he has lead countless people to the understanding of the word of God.
Dr. Edward L. Haygood was born in the little town of Stamps, Arkansas. Foretold by physicians, Dr. Haygood’s mother was warned that her pregnancy was considered high risk and could result in death for the both them. She returned to her hometown of Stamps, Arkansas to deliver her child under the care of a well-known specialist. Defying the odds, she gave birth to a healthy boy and named him Edward. At the young age of six weeks, the Haygood family returned to their home in Pasadena, California where he grew up. Shortly after accepting Christ and captivated with the mannerisms of the pastors of his church, Dr. Haygood use to arrange an old linen cabinet into a man-made pulpit where he pretended to be the pastor of a church with his sister and cousins as steady members. At the age of 30, he accepted the call into pastoral ministry. This calling caused him tremendous fear. Moreover, he tried to excuse his calling by presenting what he thought was a valid excuse; a rather steady stutter problem he had since childhood. The anxiety of being under pressure to accurately deliver the Word of God was more than he could imagine. However, after studying the life of Moses, who also had a speech struggle, he soon realized that God’s will must be fulfilled in his life. He asked God to do for him what He did for Moses and the Lord honored his request. His stuttering problem soon stopped. It didn’t even occur to him that his stuttering had ceased.
A highly educated scholar, Dr. Haygood received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education in 1960 at San Jose State University. He furthered his studies and obtained a Master’s degree in Health and Safety Education in 1971 from California State University at Los Angeles. In 1978 he obtained his Ph.D. in Bible Exposition in 1978 from the California Graduate School of Theology. He had the privilege of sitting under the tutelage of professors such as Dr. Charles Stanley, Dr. Adrian Rodgers, Dr. Sidlow Baxter, and Dr. Vernon McGee.